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Create a Volunteer Program for Millennials

Create a Volunteer Program for Millennials

Today I read an article from Forbes “How to change people” If you are a non-profit philanthropist, there are some interesting points to keep in mind:

By 2020, the United States will be the largest generation of millennium generations in the UU.
In 2014, 84% of Millennial Staff donated to charity.
In the same year, 70 percent spent more than one hour of their time for one reason or another.
Although millennials earn less than previous generations, they are burdened with indebtedness, in the same phase in the tenth generation and thriving generations, in such a high percentage of charities each group gives no money and time. When people grow up, they become more liberal.
The millennium generation is on its way to becoming the most generous generation of modern times.

One of the best of the non-profit leaders is that partners should start with their goal of making voluntary programs to stimulate millennium creation. Millennium Generation supports philanthropic issues, even if they do not have the purchasing power of the X generation or Boom generation. Apart from this, because the Millennium Generation is immersed in technology, it is a great group to help you spread knowledge about your organization among your peers.

Get volunteer coordinator

If you take a volunteer program seriously, then one of the best things you can choose Volunteer Coordinator. This person is responsible for helping you develop the plan and implement the program and measure the impact of your community. If you can not keep anyone at work, ask a current supporter if there is a lot of energy and enthusiasm in your case. The basic quality of the volunteer coordinator is that he is a warm, passionate and enthusiastic person for what he does because this enthusiasm will be transferred to the horizons and volunteers who will talk to him about his program.

Achievable target

To create an excellent volunteer program in which you want to participate in Millennials, you need to be clear about developing a plan in which there are measurable and achievable goals. Once you have created a good program, you must create recruitment material that will be repeated with your target group. It is important to ensure that you communicate in a simple and simple way with the work you do, what results in you get in your community and which volunteers. Consider in this last point why volunteers want to participate, so think of all the benefits they will encourage to join, including goals that help them to see their effects voluntarily.

Create a volunteer database

Once you decide to create a volunteer program, you must be sure that you are collecting relevant information from them. You can start with an Excel spreadsheet, or if you have a more flexible CRM system that allows you to gather information, including special areas for voluntary programs, that will be better. Make sure that you do not collect information such as name, address, e-mail address, telephone number and social media IDs, but you must immediately gather information about the hours of volunteering, what they will do and all other information. Will be. Related to the work of your volunteer

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