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Do You Have Scleroderma? Thick, Tight, Painful Skin Patches?

Do You Have Scleroderma? Thick, Tight, Painful Skin Patches?

Scleroderma is a disease that affects the connective tissue. It is known as autoimmune arthritis. It looks like hardness, stiffness, and thickness of the skin. It leads to a more intense skin patch anywhere on the body, sometimes even in the limbs.

There is no medical permission for the opinion on the cause of scleroderma, but research shows that it is genetically possible. Some studies show that there may be an environmental factor as a genetic promoter. It is very likely that in most cases the relationship between the environment and the genes has been explained. Usually, there is a lack of balance in acid and base in the body, which leads to swelling and immunity lowers and attracts bacteria and fungi in the gastrointestinal tract. It can cause genetic contact in the tissues. It must be studied to see if this is the case.

Symptoms of scalarodyma usually start with the appearance of blue spots on the skin, because of the capillaries filled with dense tissue. Color changes are common with itching or pain.

In severe cases of scleroderma, hardening of tissues affects the internal organs. This is called systemic sclerosis. It can affect the lungs, kidneys or even the heart. There may be an obstruction in the pain and stiffness of the throat or intestines and joints. Invulnerability in the throat and intestinal muscles can also cause more respiratory problems and digestion.

Rigorous treatment of the skin is difficult, but it is good to observe the swelling in the body. Consult the specialist to help in setting a basic acid balance. This will reduce the swelling levels and improve the overall performance of the immune system. Drink plenty of water to remove the liver and intestines. It is also useful to take some natural supplements recommended by natural doctors to speed up the treatment process. Because of the discomfort of pain and movement, you may want to practice a bit like yoga or tai chi.

Since scleroderma is an immunosuppressive disease, the whole body has to be treated, which is cured of all angles. Good dietary supplements, good food, light exercise, sufficient amount of fresh water, adequate sleep helps with this disease and as soon as you feel better, the first physical therapy starts.

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