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Facebook Favors Local News and It Will Help Your Nonprofit

Facebook Favors Local News and It Will Help Your Nonprofit

Non-profit Pro recently “to study the effects of nonprofit leadership in 2018:” A look at the challenges of non-profit leadership and published a study entitled “How to be addressed The fact of the report’s results. used to be:

Sixty-three percent of respondents said that digital fundraising is less than 20 percent of their total income.
20 percent of respondents said that the digital fundraiser represented 21 to 30 percent of the total income.

Not giving priority to technology has missed an opportunity!

Why Mobile Matters?

I often say that mobile, mobile, mobile These are portable devices. In today’s rapidly changing environment, even outside of non-profit Even successful organization solutions are those that recruit the traditional funds and fully integrate the technology, especially in mobile technology.

When August Aish reported global mobile data, in October 2016 more mobile traffic for internet access was compared to desktop computers. Aside from this, as shown in the article: “In 2019, mobile devices are expected to account for 79% of all web tours.” This may mean that only 20% of the time people spend on your website comes from your computer. ”

Duration of Mobile Problems Nonprofits that do not improve their websites for mobile devices or continue to invest in technology Your organization is likely to look for donors on mobile devices, and if your site is not designed for mobile devices, they will stop in a few seconds.

Why is mobile important for non-profit organizations?

Unfortunately, old habits are difficult and non-profit areas are against change. The way to do things, as they always have been, is still alive in the field. However, the non-profit drive to change technology, and will be very difficult to adapt to change with the increasing interdependence of technology and mobile devices in our daily lives.

The truth is that donors and supporters are expected to have immediate satisfaction and consistency in accordance with their working methods. Social network and the digital world have made it necessary to have a regular event in our lives.

Nonprofit also said that we live in the world of rapid development and technology. Therefore, it is reasonable to assume that organizations tend to focus on not giving priority to investment in technology, they will be able to have fallen into the misfortune of fasting to raise funds. A donor Why would spend too much time communicating with your mobile device (including donations bills or donation) and business, as modern group support with another? People with similar work acquired technology?

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