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Is the Tide Changing of Nonprofits Selling-Out to Donors?

A few days ago, a researcher discussed his fundraising efforts with a global non-profit organization and told him that the organization was not accepting gifts that would damage his integrity or make it uncomfortable. Can be put in a good state. The donation is of the opinion that he must fulfill his mission and be loyal, even if this means that he has to lose money from donors. Next, an article in the non-profit organization, “Negative Concept Fame: When Crossing the Name Line?”

Public Library of New York City

He smiled because the same researcher was New Yorker who had complained for a long time that founder Steven Schwartzman of Blackstone changed his name to the Stephen Schwarzmann building on Fifth Avenue in the New Central Central Public Library. In their minds these big companies have their name stamped on a milestone in New York City with historical significance. This is not the only one in New York who thinks that the legacy of the institute has become distorted.

Abington high school

In the article, Schwarzmann was here again, this time in Pennsylvania, from Abington High School, Ebington Schwartzmann wanted to change the name of a high school for high school. He wanted to donate $ 25 million to the technology center and wanted to get the approval from the contractors to set up a technology center. This time the rebellion of society.

Request Change.org

As stated in the above article, a petition on Change.org stated: “Do you value $ 25 million on soul, glory, history and memories of thousands and thousands of students attending English high school?” Another petition: “Appreciation for this extreme ego is not a gift for a school, but a gift for itself, is selling for money, what kind of message is sent to teenagers? ”

Good faith negative

For many years there have been many other examples of important donors who have asked to put their names in buildings, halls, libraries and even to change the names of the organizations. However, recruitment opportunities are a balance that the institution and its heritage must keep in mind. In the case of Abington High School, the school had a large heritage in the community and was deeper and much larger than $ 25 million provided by Schwarzmann.

Non-profit organisation

I should ask myself if the community has not given a negative reaction to the announcement that the name of the school would change if a prominent position at school (perhaps the board or headmaster) asked Schwartzman what the reconsideration would be? I think that according to the explanation, when Schwartzman committed a $ 25 million crime, the school went through plans to change the name of the high school, but to answer.

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