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National Commission on Farmers

National Commission on Farmers

National Agricultural Commission was established on November 18, 2004, under the chairmanship of Master of Surgery Swaminathan.

The NCF has submitted four reports and the final report was submitted on 4 October 2006.

The main causes of the agricultural crisis are:

An incomplete agenda for agricultural reform, quantity and quality of water, technical fatigue, accessibility, adequacy and timeliness of institutional credit, and safe and profitable marketing opportunities.

Main recommendations:
1. Improving agriculture
2. Water supply
3. Productivity
4. Credit
5. Food safety
6. Cost control
7. Emergency

Improving agriculture:

Agricultural reforms were deemed necessary and the main proposals were:
Distribution of excess roof and waste;
Preventing the abuse of farmland and large forests for non-agricultural sectors;
Access to grassland rights and forests, access to seasonal tribes and shepherds, public property.


Irrigation is an important factor in agriculture, and rain-fed agriculture contributes 60% to the total recommended area of NCF:

Increasing the water supply must be mandatory by harvesting the rainwater and charging the aquifers; The “charging millions of wells” program should be specifically targeted at private sources.

Credit and insurance:

Timely and adequate provision of loans to families of small farmers is a prerequisite.

In fact, expanding the formal credit system to reach the poor, reducing the interest on the simple 4% crop loan, supported by the government.

Loans from non-institutional sources, cancellation of interest on loans in the emergency situations and even recovery of the loan recovery including capacity will be restored.

Establishment of the Risk Fund for agriculture to provide the farmers with lighting after gradual natural disasters

Agricultural productivity:

Apart from the size of the farm, the productivity level is mainly determined by the income of the farmers. To achieve higher productivity growth in agriculture, NCF recommends:

A significant increase in government investment in infrastructure related to agriculture, particularly in the areas of irrigation, drainage, land development, water protection, research development and connectivity on the mainland. The national network of advanced soil analysis laboratories with facilities to detect the shortage of micronutrients.

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